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From don’t leave home without us… to don’t stay home without us.

June 21, 2023
By Don Vetal, Jr., CEO, LyfLynks, Inc

As a leader in global travel assistance, I’ve led organizations and teams of people coordinating everything from simple dining reservations and emergency cash deliveries to medical and security evacuations around the globe.
A marketing phenomena, our services were provided to over 50 million credit cardholders,insurance policyholders and Fortune 500 employees, most of whom were unaware of our brand.  Instead, our clients leveraged our unique capabilities to promote their own brand initiatives in the U.S.consumer travel and concierge markets. We were the driving force behind the iconic slogans “Don't leave home without us” or “Anything Anytime Anywhere”.  Now, I’m bringing this expertise to the Age-in-Place market.


At LyfLynks, we have designed a platform solution delivering a single point of access to services, support, and active coordination for those who care and their families. We enable national, regional, and local brands to thrive, respond, and to engage in one of the fastest growing, lucrative markets in the US, the Age in Place market.

Age-in-Place is a $151B market and it continues to experience unprecedented growth.  This emerging market is composed of both seniors and their families seeking to prolong independence and mitigate the burdens associated with aging in the United States. Consumer products and service companies have much to gain by adopting strategies and innovative solutions to address the needs of the world’s aging population.  

This emerging Age-in-Place economy, however, is highly fragmented and complex. While confusing and frustrating to consumers, this in fact is where significant opportunities lie for business and where LyfLynks comes in. Our unique platform approach creates an ecosystem that simplifies solutions for these consumers while delivering a vehicle for business partners to capture this market’s attention, establish their brand and expand their market share within this lucrative consumer base.

With LyfLynks' understanding of the unique needs of the Age-in-Place consumers, our solution enhances our partners' brands through its addition to their core offerings, allowing them to address key consumer demands for independence, quality, and convenience. From insurers to housing developers and beyond, we offer a turnkey solution to actively participate in this new and exciting economy. Join us as we begin reshaping the future and redefining the how, when and from where we support those who care.

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