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It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Offering LyfLynks is an easy way to show your employees that you care. Find out how.

Provide your employees with a benefit that saves time and gives them peace of mind

Over 50% of caregivers do not find Employee Assistance Programs helpful

LyfLynks eases the stress of caregiving by combining a curated network of services with a mobile application and a 24/7 call center to support the everyday needs of employees

U.S. Employers lose over $33B in productivity because of employee caregiving obligations

Employers are facing
a hidden workplace disruptor 

  • 44% of caregivers don't tell their manager about their caregiving responsibilities

  • Highly skilled, mid-career employees comprise the largest segment of the employed caregivers

  • Less 10% of employers offer an eldercare benefit

Enter your company's information below to calculate the hidden costs when employee caregiver needs aren't met.

* Calculations are based on statistics gathered by eldercare advocacy organizations and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Helping your employees take care of their families is
good for business



Nearly half of caregiver employees are often late to work, leave early, or take time off 



Over a third of caregiving employees leave their jobs



64% of caregivers report  moderate to high stress

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