We are family caregivers who have experienced the same challenges and frustrations experienced by millions or people who struggle daily to manage their hectic lives while supporting their loved ones health, well-being and independence.  

Don Jr.


"I have served for over 25 years in "C" level positions within the world's three largest Assistance companies. This experience along with caring for my aging parents drives my commitment to provide a viable resource for the family caregiver."



"Dementia runs in my family and I am a caregiver helping loved ones navigate this stage of their lives. I am excited to bring 25+ years of operations and information management experience to develop solutions for the family caregivers."


VP Operations

"I am passionate about using my experience creating complex high-touch service centers to simplify the lives of family caregiver. I have 25 years experience developing large scale operating solutions for my customers and the public."


VP Technology

"Technology is not the solution but an enabler. This cannot be more true than in the caregiving environment. I strive to create seamless solutions that works behind the scene to simplify the users experience and their lives."

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Our Mission

LyfLynks is building a community tailored to the specific needs of family caregivers that ensures aging parents’ happiness and safety. Our mobile application and 24/7 Member Care Center facilitate the coordination of care into the homes of our parents and elders. We are changing the dynamics of family caregiving  – making more time for meaningful interactions by reducing time spent coordinating in-home services.