LyfLynks Value Statement
Caregiving, Corporate Citizenship & Creativity

Put people first. We actively demonstrate our desire for improving the human experience and simplifying the lives of our fellow family caregivers. We are deliberately compassionate and seek to understand, support and respond to the human experience -- both within and outside of our organization.

Act with integrity, always. Honesty informs  our every interaction.  We create an open, respectful and energizing environment for us all.  We demonstrate integrity in every relationship and, in this way, we reinforce its relevance in the lives of our members, our families, our partners, our industry, and our world.  

Success or failure, own it. We rely upon each other to engage honestly in our collective effort to make a difference in our world and we do not waver in our intention and responsibilities. We are individuals who deliver on our promises and commitments.  We value and celebrate accomplishment and team members who transform our mission into reality.

Actively engage. We believe that our success depends on our ability to collaborate and engage the talents, creativity and success of all individuals: our employees, our partners, our investors, and our members.  We actively seek their advice, ideas and engagement in a genuine desire to learn from their perspectives, experiences, skills and creativity.

Be inquisitive. We are courageous in our effort to bring the best solutions to market. We pursue growth and learning.  Questions are our precious resource. We believe that conversations that lack questions are missed opportunities.

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Our Mission

LyfLynks is building a community tailored to the specific needs of family caregivers that ensures aging parents’ happiness and safety. Our mobile application and 24/7 Member Care Center facilitate the coordination of care into the homes of our parents and elders. We are changing the dynamics of family caregiving  – making more time for meaningful interactions by reducing time spent coordinating in-home services.